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A thousand years
or your first day?
Song of the crane Issa (1812)

In many parts of the world the crane is known as the “bird of happiness”. In Asia the crane is even considered to be the “bird of gods”. The crane is a symbol for health, wisdom and a long life filled with many happy moments. It is these moments we are seeking for – yesterday, today, tomorrow, every day anew!

Little by little with patience and endurance we must find the way for ourselves

Our studio is uncomplicated and filled with positive energy. With us we would like you to treasure the moment and to leave the outside world behind you. In our studio we try to create an awareness of ourselves. We want to teach you mindfulness and respect towards your body. Only then can we learn to listen to its needs, to detach from prior expectations and old patterns that are often very restricting.

Invest in something very valuable. In yourself.

We are accompanying you as you let yourself go through movement whilst connecting with body, mind and soul. Through active or passive body work - full of drive or more carefully and gently – we manage to balance ourselves and create joy and well-being. Our “intelligent exercises” are adapted to our customer’s personal needs and make room for a real break from the everyday routine. Whether you opt for the dynamics and power of the flowing Gyrotonic exercises, immerse yourself in the precise world of Pilates or undergo a pleasant and relaxing Shiatsu or Rolfing treatment: let go and listen to yourself. Take on your personal challenge that brings you happiness at that particular moment.