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A thousand years
or your first day?
Song of the crane Issa (1812)

In the Far East, the crane or the "Bird of Happiness" as it is also known as, stands for health, wisdom and long life. And a life, as we all know, is the sum total of countless (hopefully for the most part) happy moments! 

Invest in something very valuable. In yourself.

Our Studio is a haven of peace and tranquility where result-orientated movement, individual care and pleasant relaxation pave the way to a completely new awareness of life. 

Whether you opt for the dynamics and power of the flowing Gyrotonic exercices in the light-drenched studio, immerse yourself in the precise world of Pilates, or undergo a pleasant and relaxing Shiatsu, Acupuncture or Rolfing treatment: let go and enter the realm of the body and the senses.

Enjoy an extraordinary time with an active and/or passive body experience and take on your everyday routine with renewed energy and a clear and calm mind.