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This is on of the 5 branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine which are:

      Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Tui-Na, Dietetics and Qi-Gong.

This alternative medicine form works involving thin needles inserted into specific acupuncture points. Varying the deepness of inserted needles influences the energy flow and regulates / harmonizes bodyparts, organs and tissues.

Normally the insertion of the needles do not cause any pain, just a small prick or tingling sensation.

Before an acupuncture treatment, there is a diagnostic talk as well as the examination of pulse and tongue condition. This aims to get a complete picture of the disturbance and choose then the appropriate therapy. Often acupuncture treatments are combined with fire cupping, Tui-Na massage, hotpacks, gua-sha or electro-acupuncture. 

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