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Andrea Pfisterer

My experiences from studying biology, from training and teaching Aikido, and my Shiatsu training itself flow into my Shiatsu treatments. I find it fascinating that the methods of Shiatsu enable a deep activation and connection between body, spirit and soul, giving clients the necessary room for personal expansion and development. more…

During my biology studies and research activities in ecology at the University of Zürich I began in 1995 to practice the martial art of aikido and have reached 3.Dan Aikikai Tokyo. Through teaching aikido to adults and children for the last fifteen years I have learnt to perceive the energy of both myself and others and, central to my praxis, I have deepened my insight of healthy movement from a strong center.

I became interested in the Eastern understanding of health and began my shiatsu studies at the ESI (European Shiatsu-Institute). During a six months stay in Japan I studied with Katsuhisa Kanda, an acupuncturist and shiatsu therapist and assisted him in one of his shiatsu courses.

Due to work and family I did not have enough time to devote to finishing my shiatsu training until recently, although I have been practicing since 2002. I am therefore very pleased to be working in Niki and Hideto’s studio and looking forward to sharing and expanding my experience.

I understand the martial art of aikido as a philosophy of life: to stay centered, quiet and unintentional, open to what might come and responding adaptively. As shiatsu therapist I practice the same internal and external mindset; centered, in contact with myself, and openly perceiving the interaction with my client, engaging in an energetic dialogue through touch. Every encounter is unique, be it on the aikido mat or the shiatsu futon and every instance requires and challenges my intuition and spontaneity.