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Véronique Porta
Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Pilates
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I started taking Rhythmic Gymnastics at the early age of 6. As a supplementary to this training I was enrolled in ballet classes, and shortly after I fell in love with dance, transferred to the Oper House Zurich where I trained during my adolescent years in ballet, modern dance, and Flamenco. After a brief pause I did my commercial apprenticeship training and completed my Dance certificate, and afterwards came the opportunity of an 8 month continuing education course in Los Angeles.

Since then I have been active in the free dance scene and involved in different projects as well as commercial shows. In addition, I have performed in Solothurn, Luzern, Regensburg, and the Biel Theater, and I was on tour for 2 years with the Rock Circus from “Das Zelt" here in Switzerland.

Since 2011 I have been teaching dancers in the subject of Jazz for the basic training certificate at the Zurich Dance Theater School, as well as in the Art and Sport School.

For a long time I’ve been looking for a complimentary training to dance, and I’ve tried many different disciplines but never found a convincing method. I was longing for a training that on one hand increased my strength and my dance technique, and on the other side still flowed with movement.

I discovered Gyrotonic through a friend, and I was immediately excited. I was drawn to and mesmerized by the circular movements, which flow together seamlessly in rhythmic receptions. And as a dancer Gyrotonic brought me 2 steps forward.

It brings me pleasure to share my knowledge as well as my experience about the Gyrotonic expansion system. I am also licensed since 2015 as a Pre-Trainer in Gyrotonic, which means that I am now a certified Gyrotonics Trainer for level 1 and am able to train prospective students who are seeking their Gyrotonic Teacher Training certificate. I am looking forward to the many following lessons to come.

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