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Simon Sembinelli
Gyrotonic, Pilates, Shiatsu
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After my career as a contemporary dancer in 2004 and the birth of our son I changed my professional profile and founded 2008 Goodtraining. In the beautiful rooms I have found the silence and space to work as a shiatsu and acupuncture therapist, as well as including my knowledge in movement methods like Pilates and Gyrotonic.

I offer trainings in small groups or Personal Training. If needed, I am combining the various methods.

My Educations

2016 - 2018 Buddhist Psychology study-course with Lharampa Tenzin Kalden
2016  TCM Diploma in: „Tuina“ at Biomedica Zürich
2015 TCM Diploma: „Acupuncture“, at Biomedica Zürich.
(SBO-TCM Verband)
2011 certificate in Shiatsu, HPS Luzern
2007 diploma in Shiatsu Ohashiatsu NYC, USA
(EMR, ASCA, EGK accepted)
2007 diploma in Stott Pilates Level 1 & 2
2005 diploma in Gyrotonic® Trainer Level 1


2014 I could do a 3 month study-stay in Taipei, Taiwan
2013 march, acupuncture-workstudy at the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine in Hanoi, Vietnam
Since october 2013 apprenticeship at Schulpraxis, Biomedica, Zürich

Further Education

2016 Electroacupuncture in pain therapy, David Mück
2013  Muskeltestungen im Meridiansystem, Joseph V. Müller,
Ben Shen Schule Zürich
2012 Gyrotonic® Application for Pelvic Girdle
2012 Nachdiploms-Studiengang „Shiatsu as a therapie“ at the
HPS Luzern with Peter Itin
2010 Gyrotonic® Breathing Workshop with J. Horvath
2009 Gyrotonic® Level 2
2008 Gyrotonic® Applikationen for Scoliosis

Since 2013 practicing tibetian Meditation.


Since june 2012 helping out as a special therapist for Shiatsu and Med. Qi Gong at the Privatklinik Hohenegg, Meilen. Mainly working with depression, fear, Burnout, psychosomatic problems and posttraumatic disorder.

Since 2009 leading courses in „Aktives Relaxtraining“ for students of the University of Zurich, as well as helping out at the ASVZ (Pilates and Yoga).

2008 founder of Goodtraining

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And last but not least I would like to thank

Niki Good