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Rachel Tinguely
Gyrotonic, Gyrokiesis, Pilates
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I was born in Sâo-Paulo and grew up in Switzerland. As a little girl I was interested in gymnastics and when I was 14 years old I started to dance Ballet, Jazz, and Tap and took acting classes. In 1999 I received my B.A. in sports and physical education and continued my studies in contemporary dance at the Colombo Dance School in Zurich. Ever since Modern and Contemporary dance became my passion. In 2002 my dream to dance and to live in New York came true and I performed with companies including Nina Buisson Contemporary Move, Saba Dance Theatre, SHBA Danceworks, Jes Louis Production and Benjamin Briones.

After having my hip broke with 23 years old I tried several therapies to gain my flexibility and strength back, which are technical requirements for a dancer. In New York Gyrotonic as well as Gyrokinesis were casting a spell over me. For five years I worked in a Studio in Manhattan. Through practicing, continuing education and teaching I managed to rehabilitate my body.

Since 2008 I’m back in Switzerland. As soon as I got here I completed the Pilates education with art-of-motion, work as a freelance dancer and study Dance and Theatre at the University of Berne.

I’m looking forward to being able to pass on the beauty of these practices!

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Rachel Tinguely