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Hideto Heshiki
Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Pilates
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I was born 1971 on the southern island Okinawa in Japan and spent my whole childhood there. As a boy I was very active and planed to become a baseball player (later I switched my goal towards becoming a soccer player) - but as it is with destiny: all turned out differently and I ended up studying "law" in Tokyo.

In the big city though, I discovered many new things and got deeply involved in the dance world. I took many classes in ballet, pantomine and jazzdance and my former sporttraining as well as the taek-wondo and karate experiences helped me quite a bit!

Soon then I entered the Butoh-Dance Group "Kim Itho & The Glorious Future" and suddenly we where nominated to participate at a competition in Paris, to represent our country.
It was all exiting and when I got the unexpected offer from the Cie L'Alambic to stay and work in Paris, I just took the chance.

Since 1999 I am living and working in europe, dancing for different groups: a.o. I spent nearly 3 years at the Stadttheater Freiburg in germany, working as a dancer and choreographer.

Since 2003 I am living and building up my own choreographic work in zurich. (If you like to get additional information about it, you are warmly welcomed to visit my website:

I gained numerous experiences in teaching at the theaters and as a free-lance instructor and now I want to offer trainings in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis not only for the professionals, but for everybody who is interessted in movement.

Co-Founder Goodtraining: May 2008

Since 2012 I am a specialized Master Trainer for Gyrotonic ® and Gyrokinesis ® and conduct Teacher Trainings here in my own studio and abroad as a guest.

I am educated on all equipments and all levels.

Zertifikat Gyrotonic
  Zertifikat Gyrokinesis

Zertifikat Gyrokinesis   Zertifikat Gyrokinesis

Gyrokinesis 2   Zertifikat Gyrotonic

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Hideto Heshiki