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Fiona Zolg
Shiatsu, Gyrotonic, Pilates
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My life has taken enough unexpected turns that I‘m still astonished at how its parts settled into place. For instance, I grew up in the countryside, my hometown was quite a distance from my high school, and I could not afford to travel home at midday. To use the time productively I enrolled in ballet, liked it, and became involved in many dance projects. After graduating, I found myself applying my knowledge of movement to acting as well as dance, and realized I have a particular interest in tailoring light to stage movement in general. Since 1999 I have worked as a freelance lighting specialist and light designer for dance and drama. In 2004 I completed a bachelor's degree at the IHK Hamburg, in 2004, in event technology specializing in lighting.

My next life turn resulted from a hurt shoulder. While suffering on tour, I met a technician from whom I received my first Shiatsu treatment. It was obvious: I had to learn this! I trained in Austria, and had the great good fortune of joining Goodtraining as a Shiatsu practioner with foreknowledge of the premises from Gyrotonic classes with a fellow dancer, Nurya. It was only a matter of time before I also undertook credentialing programs in Gyrotonic Teaching Level 1 and Pilates Instruction.

I'm happy that, in addition to teaching at the Goodtraining studio, I also have the occasional chance to rig lights for performances and to design interior lighting through a lighting planning office.

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Fiona Zolg